Command the ultimate overview

Manage the right information to the right people at the right time, and respond to incidents with greater efficiently than ever before. Raven is an innovative live-time event logging and incident management tool giving multiple levels of command the greatest visibility yet.

Why Raven?

  • Designed by market leading resilience experts.
  • Based on a reporting format recognised by the emergency services.
  • Instant capture and communication of site wide incidents.
  • Accessible from mobile and computer.

A messenger for your brand

We understand the importance of safeguarding your bottom line, brand reputation and identity. Invest in Raven and give your audience and stakeholders the reassurance that in today’s threat rich environment you treat safety and security as a top priority.

Test your resilience

Don’t let a crisis expose your vulnerabilities. We can provide an expert eye looking in, understanding key risks and delivering highly immersive, realistic exercises to prepare your team. 


A taste of the power of Raven

A fully accountable digital log

Raven ensures all staff receive consistent information in real time. Capture accurately what’s going on and reduce any reliance on anecdotal evidence for planning, responding or resourcing.

  • Quick and intuitive. Fast data entry.
  • Outstanding visibility. Shared situational awareness across the whole site.
  • Prioritise, coordinate and monitor actions being taken across your entire venue or event.
  • Auditable. A clear log of key decisions made.
  • Includes protocol prompts to educate and reassure all staff.
  • Multi-level access. Set permissions by role.
  • Scalable
  • Multiple logs per venue
  • Multi-sport/venue capability
  • Facilities management. Can be used as a wider site management tool

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